Aravon Sandals

Aravon Sandals




Craftsmanship puts her best foot forward in the Clarissa, a closed toe fisherman sandal that hides far less than it reveals. Open leather detailing, adjustable instep strap and stitch-out construction ensures that style never comes at the price of comfort.
  • Premium leather upper for comfort, durability, and breathability
  • Polyurethane unit soles
  • Decorative sidewall stitching
  • Removable cork footbeds
  • Breathable microsuede linings
  • 1 3/4″ heel height



Introducing our new Sole shoes for winter:

Women’s Sigh

Sole took everything that was great about the women’s Exhale, and made it a little more lady-like. A lower cut and sleeker lines complement the warmth and durability provided by the ballistic nylon, insulating baffles and Sherpa-lined footbed. The Sigh features a fold down heel for quick slip-on comfort, and a polyurethane lining and DWR coating ensure water resistance.


Men’s Exhale

The Exhale has been refreshed for 2012. It remains lightweight and retains its wide, accommodating forefoot but has a narrower, more ergonomic heel. The fold-down heel panel features an improved look and function, and the durable, ballistic nylon offers long-term durability. The supportive, yet accommodating SOLE shape, Sherpa-lined footbed, polyurethane lining and DWR coating guarantee maximum coziness.

Men’s and Women’s Steady

Designed to bring SOLE comfort to those in the healthcare and food service industries, the lightweight Steady is ready for long days standing at work. The unique shape of the foot bed Optimizes Natural Motion™ by providing accommodating support and encouraging your heel’s natural cushioning function. Made with durable, full grain leather, the Steady is free from unnecessary seams or ornamentation, making it easy to keep clean. The Steady features a fold-down heel for the option of quick, slip-on comfort and an anti-slip outsole to keep your feet securely under you.


Haflinger promotes and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle with footwear that combines natural, breathable materials with essential foot support. People from all walks of life benefit from Haflinger—young and old, men, women and children. It is for people who want to be proactive about their foot health and for those millions of Americans who suffer from foot problems caused by disease, congenital defect, overuse and injury. Your wellness starts from the ground up!

Halflinger wool has wellness properties, breathe ability and softness of both materials that are the secret of their success! Wool is a natural insulator—it keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter, guaranteeing year round comfort. Wool has breathe ability that will keep your foot at room temperature all the time, never giving you a hot sweaty foot so common in synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are not breathable and will cause your feet to get hot and to perspire. Consequently, your veins will open up, circulation slows down and you will get tired. In a day and age where we are mobile longer in life and travel more than ever, conserving energy is so important!

The best shoes for healthy feet mimic the foot’s natural shape while offering support in the arch and a flexible sole underneath.  Haflinger’s natural cork and latex foot beds give you support but are soft enough to adapt to the unique shape of your foot. It will provide support not just for your feet but for your entire body, promoting good health in muscles and bones while easing the strain on the hips, knees and spine. Through our foot bed the body experiences proper weight distribution, balance and utmost comfort while encouraging the feet and body to take the most natural walking and standing position.


Acorn Slippers

 Acorn makes footwear that’s made for you. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can be sure to find comfort with Acorn. They know that it’s the little things, the details, that make life’s experiences the most rewarding, and think the same goes for what you’re wearing on your feet. That’s why they’ve always worked to create products that perfectly combine comfort, style, and quality. Back in 1976, Acorn’s founder, David Quinn, made his very first pair of slippers with his own two hands as a gift for a friend. Very little has changed since then, they just make a lot more footwear for a lot more friends.

Step into Health: Coming this November

Its time to take back your health one step at a time, with our new walking group. During this 8 week class we will be focusing on taking the right step to keep you healthy and injury free. Whether you are looking to start a program or gain more knowledge this is for you! There will have two coached work outs a week and included a clinic presented by New Balance about “Good Form Walking”, information about nutrition, injury prevention, and many more educational topics. Participants will also get a technical  New Balance T-shirt and be entered in various exclusive raffles throughout the eight weeks. Class is size is limited to the first 35 participants. Stop by or call the store at 916-731-4400 if you have any question or would like to participate. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how walking can help you!



Step Into Health: An 8 Week Walking Program

Whether you are looking to take a step in the right direction for your health or want to expand your knowledge about walking, this is the group for you!  Our store walking group will have two coached work outs a week for eight weeks. It will also include a clinic presented by New Balance about “Good Form Walking,” information about nutrition, injury prevention and many more educational topics. Participants will also get a technical t-shirt and be entered in various exclusive raffles throughout the eight weeks. Class size is limited to the first thirty-five participants.  Stop on by or call the store at 916-731-4400 if you would like to participate.

It’s Time to Make Room for Fall!

Summer seems to be slipping by and with that it means we need to make room for all our great new styles coming in.  We will be having a sale on select style’s of sandals from now until the stock is gone! You will be helping to make room for great new styles and colors from Munro, Aetrex, Klogs, Kravings, and Dansko to name a few! So come on down enjoy a nice glass of tea and let us fit your feet for the tail end of summer!  We will also be offering 15% off select socks and shoe care accessory’s. Sale prices cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

Not all Sandals are Created Equal


With the warm weather fast approaching one of the most common questions in my practice is “can I wear flip flops and sandals?” In the past wearing a traditionally constructed sandal has caused numerous health issues from lower back and knee pain to plantar fasciitis.  These health issues can be related to the lack of proper foot support from sandals and flip flops constructed from materials that are too flexible.  Flexible foot beds provide no support or stability.  With new technology there are now sandals   properly constructed using high quality, durable materials and orthopedic design to provide the proper support. And yes, there are even flip flops that offer proper foot support.


In the past most traditional sandals offer little to no arch support allowing arches to collapse.  With no arch support the toes are left to “grip” the sandal for walking stability. This can cause hammer toes and tired feet.  Another common problem that can result from not properly supporting the arch is plantar fasciitis.  Plantar fasciitis is a common summer time injury to the ligament that connects the heel bone to your toes resulting in pain in your arch or heel.  Supporting the arch prevents the onset of plantar fasciitis.  Keeping the foot and ankle in aliment can reduce the risk of lower back, knee, and ankle pain during the summer months.  There are other benefits to properly fitting sandals.

Sandals can also now accommodate those who need to wear custom orthotics.  Yes there are sandals that have removable footbeds.  These sandals are made with a removable foot bed deep enough to accommodate a custom or over the counter orthotic.   Adjustable straps on sandals insure that the foot, custom orthotic, and sandal are making proper contact and providing the necessary support and stability.  The proper sandal is also very important for those who have diabetes.

There are now on the market some very good flip flops that offer excellent support and protection for the foot.  How helpful is this when kicking around the pool or hanging out for the Saturday afternoon BBQ?  Realizing that we do not wear the “perfect shoe” all the time I recommend these flip flops for foot sufferers in the casual moments.

Diabetics’ need shoes that not only provide proper support, accommodate any swelling and do not cause friction.  Wearing a sandal that does not accommodate for edema can result in a lack of proper circulation to the feet.  Sandals that cause any amount of irritation or frictions can result in soars, ulcers, and lacerations which can lead to serious medical issues.

When looking for the perfect sandal there are four important things to remember.  First make sure the flip flop or sandal has proper arch support.  Second, look for a deep heel cup to stabilize the foot.  Third the sandal should also have a ridged or firm foot bed and only be flexible in the forefoot.  Finally the sandal should also have sturdy straps to hold your foot in place allowing for the arch support and foot to work together.

My staff at Midtown Comfort Shoes are trained to properly fit customers in all types of shoes.  Visit Dr. Basso’s Midtown Comfort Shoes and we’ll make sure your feet are not only stylish but happy for the summer too.

Whats in a Sock? LOTS!

Cotton Is Rotten

 We recommend not wearing cotton socks for many reasons.  Cotton retains moisture and when you have moisture, heat, and friction in sock you are more likely to get blisters, calluses, and hot spots.  Also, cotton gets more abrasive when wet.  Blister, calluses, and hot spots can lead to serious health complications for people dealing with health issues.

What Fibers Are Best?

Natural fibers like wool, bamboo and synthetic fabrics. When you see these fibers don’t be afraid, wool for example has long been used in running socks because of its natural moisture management qualities, thermo regulation  capabilities, as well as natural anti-microbial characteristics.  Advanced manufacturing processes are now undertaken to eliminate any potential itching that can sometimes be attributed to wool. Many synthetic socks contain a blend of synthetic fabrics with nylon, polypropylenes, polyester, and other proprietary materials that, by their very nature, transfer moisture away from the skin. This expedites evaporation and helps to regulate temperature as well as prevent blistering.

Let’s not forget about compression and diabetic specific socks!

Compression socks are specialized hosiery items designed to provide extra support and increase blood circulation. Perfect to wear during long trips or in the office! Diabetic socks can reduced irritation, reduced pressure, promotes healthy circulation, reduced chances of infection and helps sores heal faster!